Friday, June 29, 2012

Hoodratz In Space October 2012

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Concept Friday!

Since I am currently working on submission pages to hand out to the cool editors at Marvel this year during my time in San Diego at this years SDCC I decided to post my character designs of the characters in my submission pages starting with Mr.Hyde.

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Marvel/Upper Deck Avengers Sketchcard- Ronin

Ronin is © Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment

Although he was a member of the New Avengers, Ronin was one of my favorite characters to be added to the Avengers Universe so of course i had to add him to my sketchcard set.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MB2 Artist Proofs 2012

My Marvel Beginnings 2 Artists Proof Return Cards!

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Marvel Beginnings 2!

Be sure to purchase your Marvel Beginnings 2 box set and look for the one-of-a kind sketchcards featuring original artwork by myself and other great artists...

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San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Donations!

For the last 10 years I have made my annual trip to sunny San Diego Comic-Con the largest Pop-Culture convention known to mankind in an effort to continue to stay up to date with my friends and with associates at Marvel, DC and many other publishers in this awesome industry. Every year I have had to endure the cost of air fare and hotel room fees without any sponsorship or outside help but due to uncontrolable financial burdens this year I am asking for donations of $5, $10, $20 or more to help with the cost of this expensive trip. Any donation from your will be greatly appreciated!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Throwd:Most Wanted continues...

Throwd:Most Wanted is ©2012 Erik Reeves for Vear Graphics.
Page 04-on this page of the Throwd:Most Wanted web series we see Zasha Brown (Red) in meditation prepared to encounter her pursuers. I wanted to move forward with the introduction of our heroine in a way that would let the reader know that it has been some time passed since we last had a visit into her world. Stay tuned for next weeks page.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Concept Friday!

General Peczersky is ©2012 Wayne Jackson for Urban Senate.

Here is my concept art for Saint 3 character General Peczersky one of the main characters in this series.
 I continue to work on my color technigue and leaning more towards concept design now i feel like i may be turning a corner with my rendering. Ive been told that i am a good concept designer but have to keep working on my coloring etc. So as i continue to design more characters i will be pushing myself more and more.

Marvel/Upper Deck Avengers Sketchcard- Black Widow

Black Widow is © Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment

Just could not have completed the Avengers set without adding the Uncomprimising and deadly Black Widow.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Upper Deck Avengers Assemble Sketch Cards

 Be sure to purchase your Avengers Assemble box set and look for the one-of-a kind sketchcards featuring original artwork by myself and these great artists...
  • Adam Talley
  • Adriana Melo
  • Ashleigh Popplewell
  • Aston "Roy" Cover
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Bill Pulkovski
  • Bo Hampton
  • Bob Stevlic
  • Boo 
  • Bryan Tillman
  • Cal Slayton
  • Chadwick Haverland
  • Charles Hall
  • Charles Holbert
  • Chris Foreman
  • Cruddie Torian
  • Dan Smith
  • Daniel Gorman
  • Daniel Vest
  • Danielle Gransaull / Soloud
  • Daren Douglass
  • Dawn Wolf
  • Dennis Calero
  • Diana Greenhaigh
  • Dominike Stanton
  • Edward Cherniga
  • Elaine Perna
  • Elfie Lebouleux
  • Elliot Fernandez
  • Elvin Hernandez
  • Eric Ninaltowski
  • Erik Reeves
  • Eugene Commodore
  • Frank Kadar
  • Frankie Washington
  • George Deep
  • Gilbert Monsanto
  • Guile Sharp
  • Ian Roberts
  • Isaiah Mcallister
  • j(ay) 
  • James "Riot" Godfrey
  • Jason Adams
  • Jason Durden
  • Jason Keith Phillips
  • Jason Metcalf
  • Jayson Kretzer
  • Jerry Ma
  • Jim Cheung
  • Joe Hogan
  • Joe Rubenstein
  • Joel Gomez
  • John Beatty
  • Jonathan Gordon
  • Jonathan Racimo
  • Jose Jaro
  • Kate Bradley
  • Kevin Sharpe
  • Kimberley Dunaway
  • Lak Lim
  • Lawrence Reynolds
  • Layron DeJarnette
  • Livio Ramondelli
  • Marat Mychaels
  • Mark Henry
  • Mark Morales
  • Matt Slay
  • Matt Triano
  • Michael Duron
  • Michael Watkins
  • Mick & Matt Glebe
  • Mike Mayhew
  • Penelope Gaylord
  • Randy Martinez
  • Ray-Anthony Height
  • Remi Dousset
  • Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
  • Rhiannon Owens
  • Rodney Ramos
  • Rusty Gilligan
  • Ryan Kincaid
  • Sanford Greene
  • Sara Richard
  • Scott Cohn
  • Steve Scott
  • Terry Huddleston
  • TheOpticNerve 
  • Tom Hodges
  • Tony Perna
  • Uko Smith
  • Vo Nguyen
  • Wendy Chew
  • Wes Huffer
  • Wesley Bernick

Throwd: Most Wanted Web Series so far...

As a treat to my Artache! subscribers and fans I decided to post new Throwd:Most Wanted web pages every week here and kinda give a behind the scenes making of for each page. So here we go... 
Page 01- Opening scene of the story so I wanted to convey a calm mood but still mysterious enough to make the reader curious to know where this story takes place.

Page 02- The helicopter in this scene works great to let the reader know that a search is underway.

Page 03- Bring in the SPGPD (South Peterson Grove Police Department) adding more suspense as we move deeper into the story.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Marvel/Upper Deck Avengers Sketchcard- Kang

Kang is © Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment

Kang is a time-traveling villian of the Avengers and after battling Earth's mightiest heroes for years he has proved to be a foe for the ages. Decided to add some cool villians to my set of Avengers sketchcards.

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