Monday, October 31, 2011

Marvel/ Upper Deck Sketch Cards 2012

Excited to mention to all the sketch card fans in the world that i will be doing some cool sketch cards for Marvel/ Upper Deck this year.

The images here were done as examples and at the current time will not be included in any sets.

Not sure what sets i will be doing but i look forward to doing some really cool cards so stay tuned for more info.

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New Business Cards!

Excited that my new Hoodratz In Space themed business cards arrived this week and they actually look better than I expected!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

HIS issue 1 page 01 colors

check out the colored version of page 01 of the Hoodratz In Space comic book. I've really been working on my colors over the summer so im looking forward to getting this book out to all the fans of the Hoodratz In Space series.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

HIS issue 1 page 01 inks


 Ok here we go Hoodratz In Space #1 page 01 inks. Thats right finally getting things rolling with this eagerly anticipated comic book series thats been in the making for several years. Hoodratz In Space is created by me and written by the talented Jackie Cannon .Yes I will be doing all the artwork for this fun and exciting story and I plan to destroy any early thoughts you may have about this series. When you see the final product dont blame me if your left going WOW!

Why has it taken so long?

From the first day i decided i wanted to do this series I wanted the art to be stunning and decided to wait as long as I could to perfect my craft. Well although im never 100% satisfied with my artwork things are looking pretty good so far.

So buckle up everybody here comes the Hoodratz!

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HIS promo art for business cards etc.

This is the new promo art for my eagerly anticipated comic book series Hoodratz In Space. Originally designed this for the Breast Cancer Awareness print but after reworking it i actually decided to put this image on the back of my new business cards that I ordered yesterday and I can't wait to see the final printed version when i get them.   Be sure to like the official Hoodratz In Space fan page on Facebook here !

Concept Friday!

Another concept design for my upcoming Hoodratz In Space series. This is a sinister Aock Scout an infantry helper of the alien race know across the galaxy only as the Aocks. Specializing in communications and recon activities these bad guys are not to be trusted for they are forever dedicated to their Aock leaders.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TGD Now Available!

Throwd:Goth Damned!
Art by @erik_reeves @KevinCSteele
Order your copy now!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Concept Friday!

Another character concept for the upcoming Hoodratz In Space series im working on, This is a fearless Aock Pilot dedicated to retrieving,delivering or destroying its target. Equiped with shielded helmet and protective body armor this is a character ready for war.

Click image for larger view.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

TGD books!

Ok im super excited about the Throwd: Goth Damned books arriving in the mail today!
Havent been this happy in a while but they turned out great and i cant wait to see what fans of this series think about this book.!

Please show your support by ordering your copy now!

Concept Friday!

Just when you thought it was over the Concept Friday saga continues...
this is a concept design of a dreaded  Aock Soldier, a very dangerous enemy to the Hoodratz In Space. Equiped with a powerful Shield Spear and Aockian armor the Aock Soldier is a very serious and dangerous character to be avoided at all cost.

Click image for larger view.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

TGD Now Available!

In persuit of a sinister mob member known only as Spyda, a cautious and vigilant Zasha Brown visits the historical Goth District of South Peterson Grove in persuit of this devious villain with intentions that are far from pleasant! In the dark and mysterious urban underwold of gothic rituals and the black arts Zasha meets Belinda Raven a woman unlike any she has encountered before.
 One horrific crime. One evil man. No ordinary woman.
Throwd:Goth Damned

Order your copy here!

First 10 orders of the Throwd: Goth Damned comic book will recieve a free exclusive signed print by the artists!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

UB pin-up!

Check out this new pin-up by artist Brad Marshall Wilson , i actually did the colors on this cool piece of art for Saint#1 being re-released by Urban Senate this month.Click for larger view.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kiai Kick BCA banner!

Check out the new banner i just finished up for the cool peeps over at Kiai-Kick!
I really enjoyed working on this one in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month Micheal Moore wanted to go with a theme that captured the women of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and also incorporating the highly recognized pink ribbon. After a few days i came up with this. Be sure to visit the Kiai Kick  website to view it at full size!

Throwd:Goth Damned

In 2007 I was a guest of the Dallas Comic-Con with fellow artists and friends that I usually associated with at the Dallas show. While having a conversation regarding future projects I had been thinking about working on at the time in which i'm very sure it was something Sci-fi because that is my favorite genre to work in.
Kevin Steele who is a good friend of mines suggested I try something more Urban, agreeing with Kevin I was immediately interested to see what I could come up.

I believe I was currently working as an Assistant Store Manager at a local Blockbuster store in Cedar Hill, Texas"Welcome to Blockbuster!"
in my Mark Brooks voice (inside joke) when one night during the summer in walks a father who I had seen frequent the store on many occasions but tonight he brought with him his fiery young daughter who I never got a chance to meet personally but I was overwhelmed by her appearance...

Long Red hair, red shoes, red shorts, white tank top, all with an attitude to match. I remember instinctly grabbing a piece of receipt paper and immediately sketching her outfit!

"She looks like a comic book character!"
I remember thinking to myself! I now had my main character but I needed a story...

I was born in Dallas,Texas (Oak Cliff) and years before I attended the Art Institute of Dallas I had a Hip-Hop recording career in which I had a unique view of the world of hip-hop and the mean, unforgiving streets that it exists in but I had always kept the two worlds (comics and hip-hop) separate, but decided I would blend them both to create something special that I along with other peeps who loved hip-hop and comics as much as I do could be proud of.

Down south if something is not right or slightly not normal we call it
Throwed or Throwd...
Urban Dictionary defines it this way...

1) Throwd-To be fly , pimp , hood
Im soo "Throwd" in da game.

2) Throwd-Sexy, hot, cute, fine, etc.
He/She is so throwd.

Later that year after I had done a few individual 5 page short stories to test my ideas for the Throwd series I was surprised at the responses I was getting from peeps who became fans of the story and characters. I was even approached by a local film producer to create a feature length movie based on my Throwd series.

In 2008 i decided to step it up...22 pages but still not 100% sure on the look and feel of the artwork and with the main story still in development I hooked up with Kevin Steele who at the time was constantly inviting me out to attend the "Church" which I believe is a Goth club, and Kevin is no stranger to the Goth world here in Dallas, Texas and is a talented artist himself with a very unique style.

So over a few beers I thought we could do a story that leads our heroine into the under belly of the Goth world...
and we did just that...

Introducing... Throwd:Goth Damned.

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H.I.S Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month you can purchase this Hoodratz In Space print here!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Organization.

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month program is dedicated to increasing public knowledge about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Fifteen national public service organizations, professional associations, and government agencies comprise the Board of Sponsors, who work together to ensure that the NBCAM message is heard by thousands of women and their families.

For more information about NBCAM, please visit .  For additional information, please call one of the following toll-free numbers: American Cancer Society,
(800) 227-2345, National Cancer Institute (NCI), (800) 4-CANCER, Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, (800) 221-2141.

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