Saturday, October 1, 2011

Throwd:Goth Damned

In 2007 I was a guest of the Dallas Comic-Con with fellow artists and friends that I usually associated with at the Dallas show. While having a conversation regarding future projects I had been thinking about working on at the time in which i'm very sure it was something Sci-fi because that is my favorite genre to work in.
Kevin Steele who is a good friend of mines suggested I try something more Urban, agreeing with Kevin I was immediately interested to see what I could come up.

I believe I was currently working as an Assistant Store Manager at a local Blockbuster store in Cedar Hill, Texas"Welcome to Blockbuster!"
in my Mark Brooks voice (inside joke) when one night during the summer in walks a father who I had seen frequent the store on many occasions but tonight he brought with him his fiery young daughter who I never got a chance to meet personally but I was overwhelmed by her appearance...

Long Red hair, red shoes, red shorts, white tank top, all with an attitude to match. I remember instinctly grabbing a piece of receipt paper and immediately sketching her outfit!

"She looks like a comic book character!"
I remember thinking to myself! I now had my main character but I needed a story...

I was born in Dallas,Texas (Oak Cliff) and years before I attended the Art Institute of Dallas I had a Hip-Hop recording career in which I had a unique view of the world of hip-hop and the mean, unforgiving streets that it exists in but I had always kept the two worlds (comics and hip-hop) separate, but decided I would blend them both to create something special that I along with other peeps who loved hip-hop and comics as much as I do could be proud of.

Down south if something is not right or slightly not normal we call it
Throwed or Throwd...
Urban Dictionary defines it this way...

1) Throwd-To be fly , pimp , hood
Im soo "Throwd" in da game.

2) Throwd-Sexy, hot, cute, fine, etc.
He/She is so throwd.

Later that year after I had done a few individual 5 page short stories to test my ideas for the Throwd series I was surprised at the responses I was getting from peeps who became fans of the story and characters. I was even approached by a local film producer to create a feature length movie based on my Throwd series.

In 2008 i decided to step it up...22 pages but still not 100% sure on the look and feel of the artwork and with the main story still in development I hooked up with Kevin Steele who at the time was constantly inviting me out to attend the "Church" which I believe is a Goth club, and Kevin is no stranger to the Goth world here in Dallas, Texas and is a talented artist himself with a very unique style.

So over a few beers I thought we could do a story that leads our heroine into the under belly of the Goth world...
and we did just that...

Introducing... Throwd:Goth Damned.

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