Thursday, June 23, 2011

Status Update!

Peacekeeper: Old World Order part 2 (PK2)It's been 2 years since the release of Peacekeeper: Old World Order part 1 and alot has changed since then like my modest ability to color things a little better, my entire approach to storytelling has changed as well as technique and my turn around speed has improved significantly.

Therefore the production of PK2 has a very different but very cool look and feel than PK1 which was never released in color at least not yet.


I have had to make a very big change to my finished artwork in order for me to release the amount of work I have been hoping and praying to do such as Hoodratz in Space, Throwd and many other titles i am looking forward to completing very soon and i'm sure everyone who is a fan of my work will notice it immediately.

I personally enjoy the new look and I am looking to embrace and improve on it more with every piece of artwork I do.

PK2 is a 22page story in full color with alot of great action drawn by ME and written and created by Me!

Coming very soon so stay tuned!:)

Be sure to order your copy of Peacekeeper: Old World Order issue #1 here!!

Peacekeeper and Kerry Deltas in the image above appear courtesy of Vear Graphics.

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