Friday, November 26, 2010


Sneek Peek at some of the story board work im doing for one of the upcoming film projects based on my Throwd comic series! I'm really looking forward to this! Stay Tuned!

Monday, November 22, 2010

"The Bubble!"

Sneek peek at my home studio...75% of my time is now spent in front of these monitors...peep the Barking Lizards coffee cup!
Whats an art studio without and art table...

Sorry but i read alot! Sometimes i just look at pretty pictures alot too!

My storage area... you can get lost in this corner i promise...

Last but not least is my recording studio i am building, yeah i know it needs help.
hope you enjoyed this tour of my workspace, Oh one more thing every studio needs a name right so i called mines..."The Bubble!"

Tribute to my Old Studio!

Great Memories of my Old Studio although it was short lived i enjoyed every moment i was there...what a great name plate!
Yep this was my cool work space, no interuptions at all except when i got hungry! Farewell!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saint2 preview.

Sneek peek at a page from the upcoming Saint2 book thats penciled, inked, lettered and colored by me. Alot of work went in to the production of this book so i hope peeps enjoy it.



My take on one of the coolest Marvel characters ever created Deadpool. Really wanted to play around with coloring and work on something mainstream.
same with Spiderman, wanted to work on my coloring and work on something mainstream, may have to do more mainstream stuff if i continue to enjoy it this much.

Who is Hank Houston?

Ran across an advertisement looking for an artist to do a web comic entitled
Hank Houston, since they requested only one page i decided to give it a spin.
Here is the final colored page.
here is the grey toned under painting, this is a great way to adjust lights and darks also very helpful when learning to color. Im still working to improve my use of colors but not far away from getting good at it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Throwd:Goth Damned pages!

Sneek peek! Couple of pages from the upcoming Throwd:Goth Damned book! Really wanted to experiment with grey tones. Looks different but i like it!

Throwd: Goth Damned! Coming soon.

visit for more details.

Lost Boyz Motorcycle Club!

This is one of the main reasons i started this blog, i have always had a secret love for logos and jump at any chance i get to create them. Here is the logo i designed for the Lostboyz Motorcycle Club. Love the way this design came out and the vest looks really cool with this logo on it.

be sure to check out the Lostboyz website i also designed here

Throwd productions!

Feeling pretty good about the Throwd comic and still loving how model: Jamechia Duncan brought the character Zasha Brown to life. With so much planned for this property i am always working to bring more of this story to fans of this series.

Saint 2 promo art

Excited about this book that i have penciled, inked, colored and lettered. Written by Wayne Jackson of Capstone Comics. Hope to have it completed soon.

Happy Birthday!

Decided to start a blog that i can post any and everything i am working on, i have created blogs in the paste but truly intend to keep this one updated as much as i can. Enjoy the ride and feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions.

Accepting commissions now!