Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hoodratz In Space Dual Editon is headed to the printers!

Thanks for your continued support we are working very hard to bring you the best quality products we can and really appreciate your patience as we continue to do so.
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Wizard world San Antonio 2014

 I was invited to be a guest artist and speaker at this years Wizard World San Antonio.

 I had never been to San Antonio so I wasn't really sure what to expect but decided to keep a positive attitude and surprisingly I had an amazing time.
 The people were incredibly kind and it actually reminded me of why Texas is known for it's Southern Hospitality in the first place.
 Once again thanks to my incredible fans I sold out of all of my Hoodratz In Space books as well as my other books I had with me but that was only half of it I was very honored to be a part of my 1st discussion panel on creativity hosted by the beautiful Genese Davis with Rob Prior and Aaron De Orive.

I was accompanied on my visit to San Antonio with my Dad and lovely cousin Nicole who is also a member of #TeamVear they both enjoyed our visit.

Although the convention was a few days after the San Diego Comic Con  It was a very fun show.
I'm Looking forward to my next convention appearance but now it's back to getting more art done.
Hoodratz In Space #3 begins this September

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hoodratz In Space #1 Remix cover and process!

Final version of the Hoodratz In Space #1 Remix Edition cover.
Here is the creative process for this cover.


Hoodratz In Space issue #1 Remix Edition is headed to the printers!

Hoodratz In Space is © Erik Reeves for Vear Graphics.

Marvel/Upper Deck Marvel NOW Wolverine Sketchcard!

Wolverine is © Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment
Had a great time doing these sketchcards and had to add the one and only wolverine to the set!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Marvel/Upper Deck Marvel NOW Cyclops03 Sketchcard!

CYCLOPS is © Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment
Another Cyclops sketchcard from my Marvel Now set. Like I said this is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe and I really enjoyed doing this sketch.

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